Drug-Free. Non-Toxic. Non-Drowsy. Invisible. Safe for Everyone.

What is NasalGuard?

NasalGuard is a clear gel, applied outside the nose, that uses electrostatic technology to reduce the inhalation of airborne particles before entering your nasal passages.

Does NasalGuard expire?

NasalGuard does not expire and does not lose its effectiveness as long as it is inside the tube. The gel remains as effective as when it was manufactured. Once opened, the remaining product will continue to be effective as long the tube is kept sealed.

Why should I use NasalGuard AllergieBLOCK?

NasalGuard AllergieBLOCK prevents the inhalation of airborne allergens, including dust and dust mites, mold, ragwort, ragweed, hay, pollen, and pet dander. If you experience discomfort due to indoor and/or outdoor allergies, NasalGuard AllergieBLOCK can help reduce your allergy symptoms if used prior to exposure to these irritating particles

Why should I use NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK?

NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK prevents the inhalation of airborne virus-sized particles, including rhinovirus and influenza. Using NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK as directed can reduce your risk of developing an illness associated with these viruses, especially when you’re in higher-risk areas during cold and flu season.

How does NasalGuard work?

NasalGuard gel uses a cationic (positively-charged) polymer that creates a safe electrostatic field around the nasal passages which traps oppositely-charged particles and repels similarly-charged particles to reduce inhalation of most harmful airborne particles BEFORE they enter your body. NasalGuard has no active drug ingredients which would interact with other medications that a user might be taking.

How do I use NasalGuard?

How long does NasalGuard take to work, and how long does it last?

NasalGuard works immediately upon application and lasts up to six hours. For best results, use just before exposure to airborne contaminants. Reapply NasalGuard if your nose or face becomes wet.

Is NasalGuard visible on your skin?

No, NasalGuard is a quick-drying invisible gel applied to the skin around the nostrils. It can be used under or over your usual moisturizers or makeup.

Is NasalGuard safe for me to use?

NasalGuard has no drugs or active ingredients and is safe for everyone to use, including children. NasalGuard does not interact with medications. Discuss using NasalGuard with your doctor if you have specific concerns. Discontinue use if you experience irritation.

Clinical and safety studies have been conducted for NasalGuard, which conclude that it is both safe and effective. NasalGuard is registered with the MHRA (Medical and Healthcare Products Registery) in the UK.

Does NasalGuard have a fragrance?

NasalGuard AllergieBLOCK is fragrance-free. NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK has a mild menthol scent.

What ingredients are in NasalGuard?

Dl Water, Polyquats, Propylene Glycol, Octoxynol-9, Glycerin, other cosmetic grade ingredients and preservatives.

Where is NasalGuard made?

NasalGuard is made in the United States of America by Trutek Corp. USA. Trutek Corp. USA is the parent company of Trutek Europe Ltd., which is based in the UK and is the distributor in the UK and Europe.

Where else can I buy NasalGuard?

In the UK, NasalGuard products are available in independent pharmacies and select locations of Boots, Sainsbury, Superdrug, and Lloyds. You can also purchase NasalGuard products from our US site, www.nasalguard.com